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About Me

My name is Mahnaz Curmally and you can reach me at 

I strongly believe that we are each of us responsible for our own health. We need to learn more about how our bodies work. And we need to keep ourselves informed on what can go wrong with our bodies. No one owes us health. We owe it to ourself. Whether it is stress or hypertension or diabetes or heart problems or obesity or even common pains and aches, genetics and the environment throw up challenges that we have to learn to meet. And for this we need information. And we need to understand how our body functions. So my attempt here is to pull in new interesting information and make it easily accessible. Some of it you will already know and the rest of it hopefully will be worth knowing!   


Basically a communications professional with long years of experience in healthcare communication. In the course of my work I developed a love for knowledge focused on health and medicine and now am happy to share it with you. I still work in this field with several pharmaceutical companies.

 Outside of work I am committed to the Child Rights movement in India and serve on the Board of Trustees of CRY – Child Rights and You.



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