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When ‘health’ is wrong!

April 27, 2012

Consumer food brands respond to new wellness and health trends as fast as they can, which is good. What is not at all good is what emerges as a result of this concern. One classic example is decaf coffee created to make people drink the same amount of coffee without the harmful effects of excess caffeine. We the consumer believe these claims of health not knowing that in fact there are other repercussions about which no one tells us anything. No one tells us that the sensible response to news, that something we have eaten or consumed in ‘excess’ should be to just cut the amount to acceptable levels. That should be our consistent response We need to keep a watch on anything that comes to the grocery shelf on the ‘healthier’ platform. So called ‘healthier’ versions of  coffee, cheese, chocolate and a host of other food items may not necessarily be better than the ‘unhealthy’ version.  Here is another example that makes the case: reduced fat peanut butter which is not healthier than the full fat version. High fat diets might even be good for us after a myocardial infarction.


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