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When did the sunshine go out of our lives?

April 19, 2012

April 19, 2012

Risk Of Heart Disease In Type 2 Diabetes May Be Reduced By Vitamin D-Fortified Yogurt

March 1, 2012

More and more people are being diagnosed with a Vitamin D deficiency and more and more research is tying this nutrient to various health conditions. Children are now said to be particularly vulnerable. Breast fed infants according to this research are more likely to be D deficient since breast milk has no Vitamin D. Pediatricians must test children often to make sure that supplements are prescribed for when they are needed. Less D means less calcium and kids and pregnant mothers cannot afford to go without calcium. Medical information seems to show that there is need for around 1000 mg of Vitamin D at infancy rising to around 2000 mg into adulthood. The most critical type of D, cholecalciferol (D3) can be obtained largely from sunshine and although we have plenty of that our darker skin allows for lower absorption. For a long time no one in India wanted to accept that Indians could suffer from a deficiency of Vitamin D since the sun shone bright for so many months in this country and since so many of us worked out in the open exposed to this sun. But studies showed this to be incorrect. Awareness has grown. Doctors are more alert. Pharma companies are making sure calcium supplements now have the required amounts of D3 included.

And this is the latest status in India.

Every day there is new information on the worth and value of Vitamin D. How it inhibits inflammation. How it shrink fibroid tumors in rats.
How it alleviates menstrual cramps. How it helps seniors prevent falls. How it prevents stress fractures in adolescent girls. How it helps you to live longer. How it lowers risk of stroke


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