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Healing Spices and Herbs, the next medicinal frontier: UPDATED

April 19, 2012

April 19, 2012

New Information on Curcumin

Hot Pepper compound could help the Heart

Six powerful medicines disguised as spices

February 12, 2011

Old is new and the new often turns out to be not so good. As the wheel of discovery churns, revisits to known points of the medical journey are inevitable. Right now it is the whole world of Traditional Medicine (Ayurveda and Unani Tib) that is getting a good second look. But these are not the only systems to use healing herbs and spices. Tribal communities everywhere in the world have built a huge repertoire of bio specimens used for medicinal and healing purposes to this day. Forest degradation in many parts of the world is destroying this medicinal wealth. The way scientific investigation and drug discovery process is structured today means anything that falls outside the box cannot be taken seriously. Since drug discovery is funded by the big pharmaceutical companies unless they can copyright the active ingredients in these healing substances they are not going to waste their time on it.

We hear activists shouting about preserving our bio diversity and we call then nuts. But they are right.

Two promising trends are now emerging in the medical investigation of drugs and diseases: matching your genetic makeup with a molecule that will work for you (Personalized Medicine) and making mind and body linkages stronger.

Do not be surprised to see more and more scientific studies that will tell you with assurance that Turmeric (HALDI) with its active ingredient Curcumin is likely to become part of new medical formulations for several illnesses. Traditionally in India Haldi has been used as an anti inflammatory, immunity booster and in combination with Tulsi (BASIL) the most effective expectorant.

Cinnamon (DARCHINI) is the other spice under serious study.

Here are two studies that describe the benefits of Curcumin, in one case for pain and inflammation in osteoarthritis and in the other to protect and rebuild brian cells after a stroke.


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