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Yoga……the right route to meditation: UPDATED

April 3, 2012


Research into meditation and what it can do for a variety of brain conditions is ongoing. And as this body of knowledge builds, new experts are likely to emerge to tell you how best to meditate. However, new paths should be explored ONLY if traditional ones fail to deliver. In the case of meditation this is not true. Meditation is linked to the practice of YOGA. And its value has always been considered to be very high.  The word YOGA  means union and the intended union is between the body and the mind, the physical and the mental. Setting aside the spiritual and psychic aspects the essence of yoga is quite simple: attend to your body before you do anything with your mind. There are several schools of Yoga and experts have modified techniques to suit their own purpose. Largely though the essence has not been diluted or destroyed. At the end of the day, you are your own teacher in the most important ways. An expert can show you the moves but can do no more for you. You practice, you achieve, you excel and you arrive!


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