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More dangers than we can count in the wrong kinds of food…

March 11, 2012

So much research in the past has gone wrong that today regulatory bodies are jumping to the other extreme and banning food ingredients even before anything conclusive has been established. The latest in California is to ask carbonated soft drinks to lower levels of caramel coloring in their products. Because the chemical that gives the color is said to be carcinogenic although this research has only been done on mice. The drinks manufacturers say that the amounts contained cannot possibly do this kind of harm to humans. But the authorities are adamant. These drinks are consumed in large quantities all over the world, they are possibly the most aggressive – even if it is charmingly done – when getting to consumers and working on consumer loyalty and fidelity.  They have become lifestyle icons. What goes into some of these has been a subject of discussion for a long time. Addictive substances, some say, akin to nicotine. Additive that no one knows anything about. The formulas are secret! High sugar levels were once considered the most dangerous. With ‘diet’  and zero calorie versions these drinks were supposed to become safer.  Not so says some new research. They continue to be harmful in other ways.

The lobbies that want to either curtail consumption of these products, make them change formulas or generally make sure that children in particular do not get ‘hooked’ too early in life, are getting stronger. It would make good marketing sense for companies to take each of these problems and start looking at solutions sooner than later. They probably are, but if they go the route of tobacco companies we should expect a great deal of legal hassling and tough resistance and not that much concern for consumers. Perhaps we need a special ethics code for food companies after all.


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