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Legislated Sleep!

February 27, 2012

February 27, 2012

The Economic Times today has an editorial on the ‘Right to Sleep’ endorsed by the Supreme Court of India. The Court’s ruling now brings this right on par with the constitutionally guaranteed right to life. But no time frames are given and no one knows what is a ‘reasonable amount’ of sleep. The Court has given scientific and health reasons for this verdict. All well and good and it is true that the Supreme Court in India takes on the burden of fixing many social and business issues that would normally not fall under judicial oversight. There is a load of new research on  sleep deprivation  and its links to some serious life threatening conditions including Alzheimer. Most of us are unable to figure out why we cannot sleep as well as we should. A number of things have been suggested to overcome this. But they do not always work. So the responsibility to get 8 hours of sleep in every 24 hours is a responsibility we carry as people. And most of us resist as we should the temptation to take sleeping pills. There is one way however that is worth trying and which could yield better results than others and that is meditation. Done correctly there is no doubt that this relaxes the system enough for a person to get at least four to six hours of uninterrupted sleep. Actually for many of us this is enough. Disengagement in whatever way we can achieve it, is the first step to getting to sleep. The age old ‘burning the candle at both ends’ of course is the worst we can do to ourselves.

How much sleep is enough: a BBC story



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