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Indian healthcare policies…who are they for?

February 27, 2012

Private pharmaceutical companies, both Indian and MNC,  have spoken up more and more often on what they think is in the best interest of India. We hope that by this they mean the people of India, but that is by no means a given. No doubt business must see to its own interests first but in the area of health, not without keeping patient and public needs squarely in the front. When the government announces that it will give free medicine to the poor in a large number of town and cities through government-owned chemist/dispensary outlets, we wonder what kind of struggle will take place in the backrooms of corporate offices to negotiate prices that can actually support this subsidy.  The government is by no means the hero of this story. Unfortunately for us the intended beneficiaries of all these good measures, there are no heroes on whom we can rely. Government control on prices is bad, letting market forces play is at times even worse because the first to get hit are the poor. So it would be fair to conclude that unless pharmaceutical players find a way to address prices and cost effectiveness in a  mutually acceptable these types of government maneuvers cannot be controlled.


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