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Healthcare priorities in India…what is going so dreadfully wrong

February 23, 2012

February 23, 2012

The Mint today has two article on the state of health in India. There is a clash between the Public Health Foundation and the Planning Commission on whether Government should find more funds through fresh taxation to give free healthcare coverage to the poor.  The tax payers have already been taxed extra to provide for healthcare for those who do not pay tax. The tax payers and the public in general do not know where these funds have gone or how they have been used. So higher taxation is certainly not the answer to this problem. The argument that the state is responsible for providing access to basic health is valid. Health needs to be given the same status as education which shifted from being a constitutional directive to a basic right after a protracted fight by civil society actors. This is the crux of the argument the PHFI makes. The Planning Commission on the other hands wants more private industry participation in healthcare solutions in India. This too is valid. How the Commission plans to actually make this happen is unclear. Once again those caught in this trap are the people of India.

Here is a further example of how policies and priorities are scuttled by politicians:Corruption and the National Rural Health Mission


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  1. Hi, India is one of the greatest creator in the field of medical and hospitals with the highest quality and with the affordable rates Through the survey it is estimated that only 18 hospital beds are available per 100,000 people. Even when medical treatment is available, public hospitals are frequently understaffed and under supplied. The poor are forced to rely on overburdened, unsanitary facilities as their only source of health care. Still India is the emerging and one of the developing country we have the positive hopes and luck for the growing healthcare industries & services in India!

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