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From virus to virus…is there an end in sight?

January 30, 2012

Not any time soon. At one time the only virus that concerned us was that of the common cold. Then came flu followed by all the ones that gave us hepatitis. And then we heard of HIV and were simultaneously told of HPV. Then came the frightening news that viruses also caused cancer. And now multiple sclerosis could also be the result of a virus. There is more to be discovered. How much do we understand about the coexistence and symbiotic interaction between the human body and the viruses that invade it to destroy but also to immunize? More and more of us however are unable to fight off these virus attacks, which create the chronic conditions that lead to cancer. Both bacteria and viruses mutate, change and adapt and become resistant to drugs. Viruses of course do not respond to drugs. The debate on how many vaccines should be created and given for instance to babies continues. Doctors have questioned the need for the flu vaccine for infants and children. They are talking about “exposure ” in childhood to begin the natural immunization process. Have we through our chosen lifestyle choices reduced our body’s responses to building natural immunity? Many would say yes. Add to this the high levels of stress and we have created the perfect environment for the less complex to overtake the more complex organism.

More than that the innate ability of viruses to mutate adds to the problem of how to respond to viral infections. Even more alarming is the fact that viruses can infect bacteria that in turn infect us. So the challenge nature throws out is endless. To fight or to cooperate is the question. But for this to happen the current science and research paradigm has to change fundamentally.


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