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Clean Inside Out!

January 25, 2012

There is more and more stuff being written about detoxification and ‘cleansing’. All kinds of reports are published about how after the detox course was completed people lost weight, felt healthier, slept better, were less stressed, had more energy. If we were to believe all of these claims we would have to be on detox indefinitely to lead a healthy life. But the detox experts do not recommend that. Why not?

There is only one sensible argument I have heard on this subject. The one that says that the purpose of detoxification is to check on which foods suit you well and which do not.  Post the detox session your diet should comprise more of  one and less of the other. On this level, detoxification is plain common sense. Eat more fiber, eat more vegetables and fruit, eat more alkaline than acidic items, exercise regularly, go easy on dairy and meats, etc.

Wheat the grain that human beings have used forever is now not so good for them because of its gluten content. Milk and all its byproducts that were considered highly nutritious are now on the watch list (the vegan way). Even whole grains have come in for criticism. So I go back to saying one more time: moderation is the key now for always.


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