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Watch for the spiders on your body!

January 15, 2012

Many of us suffer from this condition. Most of us do not do anything about it till the pain and discomfort becomes unbearable. Varicose veins occur mostly on hidden parts of our body such as thighs and lower leg. Since they develop slowly and start out as a fine spidery reddish blue lines we tend to ignore them. Some facts are given here. Women of child-bearing age, overweight people of both sexes, those who sit for too long without moving and those who stand around for too long could develop varicose veins. There is a genetic cause involved. If one of your parents had them you could get them as well. Regular exercise can keep this condition under control. But a word of caution here. TO much heavy exercise can actually exacerbate the condition. So when you see fine spidery blue lines anywhere on your thighs, legs or arms consider going to a doctor for a check.


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