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No magic bullet for dementia …..BUT

December 1, 2011

Some foods are helpful in delaying and managing the condition. Sea fish, eggs, chicken, liver, kidney beans are some of the food items that contain a substance called choline which it now appears is one of the elements that can hold back dementia.

The more we read on diet and health the more it seems that almost everything we consume has a benefit of one kind or another. So the challenge today is how to keep our traditional eating patterns in place but recalculate quantities and reassess complementary requirements.

Research into dementia continues and now there is growing evidence that its management requires a multi pronged “in concert” approach. For example a new system called MAKS consists of “‘consists of motor stimulation(M), including games such as bowling, croquet, and balancing exercises; cognitive stimulation (K), in the form of individual and group puzzles; and practicing ‘daily living’ activities (A), including preparing snacks, gardening and crafts. The therapy session began with a ten minute introduction, which the researchers termed a ‘spiritual element’ (S), where the participants discussed topics like ‘happiness’, or sang a song or hymn.”


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