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Stronger, Harder: Value of Exercise

September 5, 2011

Intensity more than duration of exercise is what bestows true benefit to our bodies and brains. And years to our life. This is not to say that we can crash diets and other wellness imperatives, overindulge, burn the candle at both ends, stay stressed…..and still expect life to deliver us the long years. But with a moderate lifestyle combined with and an “intensely” active exercise regimen we seem to be giving Nature the help it needs to nurture and protect human bodies well into old age.

Greater Exercise Intensity May add years to your life

More detailed information:,0,6779021.story

The important muscles in our body that keep us going and when under stress or damaged in some way give us the most pain and ache are: back side hips shoulders buttocks upper arms pelvis thighs. Being aware of what you are doing with these and taking some precaution can actually affect how you feel day on day. There are any number of exercises that can help you strengthen the upper and lower body muscles. Stronger muscles also support you better should you ever fall prey to degenerating conditions such as spondolyosis, osteoarthritis, lumber region stress. Exercise is the only way to minimise degenerative conditions.


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