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Once it was bad and now it is good!

August 30, 2011

So many of the foods that were once said to be bad for us, are turning out to be either not so bad or actually good for us. Two of my favorite I am pleased to note fall in this category. Wine and Chocolate. Once considered the greatest in indulgences they have turned out to be ‘indulgences’ that can do good provided you do not actually binge on them. So one glass of red wine and a few ounces of dark chocolate are said to deliver a bunch of anti-oxidants that do the heart a great deal of good. Research I must caution you here is a tricky road to follow. There are many reversals in the findings and most of the results are shared in a way that do not give either the full picture or give details that are medically so dense you cannot make much of them. The doctors therefore prefer to discount most of this kind of research saying much of it is driven by commercial interest. So be it. We have always believed in the moderation principle anyway and we have also believed that all things are permitted in moderation!

Is chocolate good for your heart? It depends


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