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No starving, no stress, eat healthy….is all! Not enough it appears now.

July 21, 2011

The latest wisdom in the eating debate….moderation is not good enough, nor is eating everything you want. Now there are ‘healthy foods’ and ‘unhealthy foods’. Read on and see whether this makes sense to you. I think the context in which this argument is positioned is important. American have gone through the cycle of over consumption, over indulgence, health over convenience when it comes to food. Food companies have not always been concerned with the long-term impact of the convenience foods they packaged and sold both to children and adults. So Americans have a bigger stake in this debate than many other societies. However growing affluence in countries such as India is likely to bring in some of the same problems, so it is best that we are aware of how the thinking is shaping up in places where eating patterns, encouraged by the food industry, led to unbridled consumption of food that pandered to the palate without regard to the body.

This is the latest advice from nutritionists. And I agree. Eat what you want, eat in moderation. 

Do not keep yourself hungry…remember if your stomach rumbles, your brain will fumble!

We already talked about some of the healthiest foods in an earlier piece. Pick from that list. Add at least five of those foods to your daily diet. There is absolutely no substitute for good healthy food if you want to keep all your organs working well into old age and keep daily energy levels topped up. 

And it takes so little to actually do this. So much of what we need for real health does not even need to be cooked! So we can’t even turn around and say ‘who has the time to do the healthy thing’.

I think health is a habit. Either you get it into your head that keeping your body healthy is your responsibility or you blunder along waiting for a doctor or some other expert to tell you what is right for you before they tell you what is wrong with you.

It is not so much do not grab and eat on the go it is more what you grab when you eat on the go.


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