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E coli….what next and why now?

June 6, 2011

Escherichia Coli is the big name of this bacterium which is supposed to live in our guts in benign cooperation with the rest of our system. Most of the strains are harmless. SOme are not like the one currently causing all the problems in Europe. India opened its market to imported vegetables not so long ago and we all feasted on new exotic varieties willing to pay exorbitant amounts for the privilege. Now the FSSAI, the new food safety authority of India has ordered that these imports be examined carefully so that this treacherous infection does not enter the country. It is said to be a virulent mutated form of the old bacterium.

Of late this has been the greatest concern for health authorities because some of these mutated strains of bacteria do not respond to currently available antibiotics. So in practical terms what we need to do is NOT eat raw vegetable and peel all the fruit that we eat.

In the old days potassium permanganate was used to wash all foods and perhaps we ought to revert to that practice again.

Another interesting study says that copper has the potential for killing off the E coli bacteria. Did we not drink water out of copper vessels in India at one point? Do we still do this? Maybe we should revive this practice as well.


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