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Acupuncture: Beneficial or Not

May 31, 2011

More benefits being explored and more value coming through it appears

Acupuncture of benefits to those with unexplained symptoms

Acupuncture: Its value for relieving pain

According to this study, acupuncture ‘has no more value than a placebo’. But we have also seen studies that show that placebos have a remarkable effect on the human mind, in some studies performing as well as the drug being tested and in some doing even better. So I would not see this as the last word on acupuncture.

I know of many people who after trying almost everything for chronic pain of the lower back have resorted to acupuncture and said that they found relief. So for them it works. And that is the important thing. Where I do agree with what is said here is that unless you have experts handling the process there are negative outcomes that could be severe and serious.

Acupuncture has a long history. It is based on premises that are fundamentally different from those of scientific investigation as understood today. We have also seen that the cycle of scientific investigation throws up results that shortly after get reversed. We have seen that new research is initiated by vested interests to move treatment approaches in a certain direction that is commercially suitable to them. Putting traditionally received medical wisdom to scientific testing can actually do a great deal of good. It can bring these traditional systems into mainstream modern medicine. Testing however is different from debunking. So if acupuncture is being knocked because fewer pain killers are being bought then we cannot possibly take this kind of research seriously.

Today’s ‘scientifically proven’ could easily be tomorrow’s ‘false conclusions’. Little knowledge is dangerous but now after being exposed to this spate of new medical research it feels that too much of it is just as dangerous.


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