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Bipolarity…more than one version

April 23, 2011

A disorder also known as manic depressive has gained more attention of late ever since Catherine Zeta Jones was diagnosed with it. I suspect there are more of us around with some mild form of it than we realize. As with many problems of the mind, the mild to intense version of a disturbance has very fine nuances on the continuum and since all mental illness is in the first stage an issue of “self diagnosis” early detection of bipolarity is difficult. This article on bipolarity is useful and a good start on building knowledge on bipolarity. It is not however meant to do more than “inform”. I do not think that the management of mental illness even today has reached the level of humaneness and understanding that its sufferers need. Much of this stems from the fear that friends and families display in the face of mental illness. Fear that stems largely from not knowing enough, not knowing what to expect, how to handle it, fear that there is likely no cure or complete recovery. That might be true, but it is also true that most mental conditions can be controlled enough for people and their families to live a more or less normal life. 

This is one area where knowing what NOT to do works better for you.


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