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Over Doing Preventive Medicine

January 27, 2011

How much care do you need to take to make sure nothing goes wrong with you? How soon should you start obsessing about risks that could be genetic or environmental? How many tests do you want to take? And how often?

Some doctors in the US believe the nation has gone too far in this attempt.

What should we do in India? Is the arrival of more and more MNC pharmaceutical companies in India likely to take us down the same path? Do we need prevention more than the US for example? We talk about the economic burden of disease in a country as large as ours. Certainly the cost of managing chronic illnesses such as diabetes and cardiovascular disorders is likely to be very high. So will investing in prevention now bring down the national cost of managing these diseases later? Can a preventive  regime safeguard the health of the next generation? This debate needs industry, government and civil society to come together on a single platform. And do it soon.


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