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January 26, 2011

This article and its contents are an annoyance to say the least. It starts with a criticism of a yoga practitioner who chooses not to worry too much about the traditional interpretation of how yoga should be done and what it should deliver to the person doing it. The accusation is that she considers it only as a weight reduction effort, while other more respectful practitioners consider it to be a physical and spiritual system. What has been  left out of both view points is the psychic aspects of yoga but let us not add another variable here to confuse people.

Yoga is of course traditional in inasmuch as it is a system devised by Patanjali over 5000 years ago. The word itself means union and the intended union is between the body and the mind, the physical and the ethereal. The spiritual and psychic aspects belong together on another level in this system.

The essence of yoga is quite simple: attend to your body before you do anything with your mind.

There are so many ramification of getting into the world of yoga that no one practitioner and no one school can claim to know it all. Its universe is so large and generous that everyone can bring in an interpretation and still be accepted. To condemn one or the other would be to go against the spirit of yoga. There are no pressures here, no compulsions. You are your own teacher in the most important ways. I can show you the moves but can do no more for you. You practice, you achieve, you excel and you arrive!

Another Take….

Yoga is integral to health and well being….this view is counter to yoga as just an exercise system. And more accurate to my way of thinking. So read through it and you will get more links for more information.

Meditation is linked to the practice of yoga. And its value is said to be very high. Here is a further endorsement of this fact.


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