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Fad Diets Are a Con!

December 31, 2010

Fad diets are not the answer to weight reduction. Do not take them seriously. Do not go through the stress of doing stuff that is hard to do. Fads are ideas we probably all had and did not know how to package. So here is another which you probably had long ago but wondered what to do with: Eat everything you want and just eat less of it. This was the bright idea that one dietitian in India used to get into the limelight and emerge as the hot authority on weight loss.

To lose weight, eat everything you like but start reducing the quantity. And I mean REDUCE. Day on day week on week until your calorie intake and energy output are balanced.

Add on at least 30 to 45 minutes of VIGOROUS exercise.  VIGOROUS exercise means speed and sweat. And do it every day or at least five days in the week.

Now back to the eating schedule: all that six times a day with little bit here and a little bit there does not matter. Three times a day works just as well. Managing hunger and controlling the amounts of food you put into your system is the important thing. AND of course everyone knows you need carbs and protein and green veggies and yellow veggies and purple veggies and nuts and some oil and calcium and antioxidants and vitamins and minerals!!! You need the 40 healthiest foods in the world!

Hunger is always a problem when it comes to cutting down calories and eating less. Well the trick is to eat foods that are dense in nutrition. Calorie for calorie studies have shown that proteins make you feel more full than carbs and fats. Fiber is anther filler and you all know everything about that right?

Energy. How much do you need everyday? And where should it come from? 100 gm of an energy dense food item has more calories that a 100 gm of low energy dense food. So you need to learn more about foods that your lifestyle requires. No one is against indulgence. But set the limits. I maintain that there is more stress and therefore no real value in trying to force your body to either eat or not eat something that for whatever reason you want or do not want. Forced dieting can never be sustained. And to keep your weight down you have to re-train your body.


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